2010 Cadillac Srx Service Manual

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2010 Cadillac Srx Service Manual Pdf2010 Cadillac Srx Manual Pdf2010 Cadillac Srx Service Manual

• Infotainment System Introduction Introduction.6-1 Theft-Deterrent Feature.6-2 Overview (Radio with CD ).6-3 Overview (Radio with CD/DVD and MEM ). • Infotainment System To minimize taking your eyes off the road while driving, do the following while the vehicle is parked: Become familiar with the operation and controls of the audio system.

Cadillac SRX repair manual with service info for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Covered Years: All production years including 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 0. 2004 Cadillac SRX Factory Service Manuals RWD & AWD 3.6L V6 & 4.6L V8 Engines. 2010 Cadillac SRX Factory Service Manuals All SRX Models Including Base. Workshop Repair and Service Manuals cadillac All Models Free Online.

Set up the tone, speaker adjustments, and preset radio stations. • Overview (Radio with CD) Infotainment System A. VOL/ Turns the system on or off and adjusts the volume. Buttons 1 to 6 Radio: Saves and selects favorite stations. TUNE Radio: Manually selects radio stations. CD: Selects tracks. FAV Radio: Opens the favorites list.

• Infotainment System SEEK Radio: Seeks the next station. CD: Selects the next track or fast forwards within a track. CD Eject Removes a disc from the CD slot. CD Selects the CD player when listening to a different audio source. RADIO/BAND Changes the band while listening to the radio. • Overview (Radio with CD/DVD and MEM) Infotainment System A.

VOL/ Turns the system on or off and adjusts the volume. Buttons 1 to 6 Radio: Saves and selects favorite stations. MEM: Saves and selects favorite tracks and playlists. TUNE/INFO Radio: Manually selects radio stations and shows available information about. • Infotainment System D. FAV Radio: Opens the favorites list. MEM: Opens the favorites list.

2010 Cadillac Srx Service Manual

SEEK Radio: Seeks the previous station. CD/DVD: Selects the previous track or rewinds within a track. MEM: Selects the previous track or rewinds within a track. SEEK Radio: Seeks the next station. • MEM: Delete the current track from MEM. CD/DVD: Records content from audio CDs and MP3/WMA CDs. AUX: Records content from USB mass storage devices.

PHONE Opens the phone main menu. Mutes the audio system.

Operation Controls The infotainment system is operated by using the pushbuttons, multifunction knobs, menus that are shown on the display, and steering. • Infotainment System BACK: Press to: Exit a menu. Return from a submenu screen to the previous menu screen. Delete the last character in a sequence. Selecting a Menu Option 1. Turn the MENU/SELECT knob to move the highlighted bar. Press the MENU/SELECT button to select the highlighted option.

• Entering a Character Sequence 1. Turn the MENU/SELECT knob to highlight the character. Press the MENU/SELECT button to select the character. Press the BACK button to delete the last character in the sequence or press and hold to delete the entire character sequence. • 6-10 Infotainment System DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Settings For vehicles with DSP, it is used to provide a choice of different listening experiences.

Select this setting to adjust the audio for normal mode. This provides the best sound quality for all seating positions. • Auto Volume The auto volume feature automatically adjusts the radio volume to compensate for road and wind noise as the vehicle speeds up or slows down, so that the volume level is consistent.

The level of volume compensation can be selected, or the auto volume feature can be turned off. • 6-12 Infotainment System RDS (Radio Data System) The radio may have RDS. The RDS feature is available for use only on FM stations that broadcast RDS information. This feature only works when the information from the radio station is available. In rare cases, a radio station could broadcast incorrect information that causes the radio features to work improperly. • Station Lists 1. Turn the MENU/SELECT knob.

Select AM or FM Station List. All receivable stations in the current reception area are displayed. If a station list has not been created, an automatic station search is done. Select the station. Category Lists Most stations that broadcast an RDS program type code specify the.

• 6-14 Infotainment System Time Shifting (Radio with CD/DVD and MEM) The radio with MEM time shift feature can rewind 20 minutes of FM/AM content. While listening to the radio, the content from the current station is always being buffered. Press the button to pause the radio.

• Control Buttons The buttons used to control the XM radio are: RADIO/BAND: Press to turn the radio on and choose between AM, FM, and XM, if equipped. SEEK / SEEK: Press to go to the previous or next channel. FAV: Press to open the favorites list. • 6-16 Infotainment System To select a channel using the menu: 1. Turn the menu knob and select Channel List. Select the desired channel.

Selecting a Channel Using the Menu System 1. Turn the menu knob. Select XM Category List. • Pausing XM with the Vehicle Turned Off If XM is paused when the vehicle is turned off, the radio continues to buffer the current radio station for up to 20 minutes. If the vehicle is turned back on within 20 minutes, the radio resumes playback from the paused point.

• 6-18 Infotainment System XM Not Available: If this message does not clear within a short period of time, the receiver could have a fault. Consult with your dealer. Radio Reception Frequency interference and static can occur during normal radio reception if items such as cell phone chargers, vehicle convenience accessories, and external electronic devices are. • Audio Players CD Player (Radio with CD) The CD player can play audio CDs and MP3 CDs. The CD player will not play 8 cm (3 in) CDs. Care of CDs Sound quality can be reduced due to disc quality, recording method, quality of the music recorded, and how the disc has been handled.

• 6-20 Infotainment System Inserting a CD With the printed side facing up, insert a disc into the CD slot until it is drawn in. Nissan R33 Workshop Manual. Removing a CD Press the button. The disc is pushed out of the CD slot. If the disc is not removed after it is ejected, it is pulled back in after a few seconds. • Tracks can be searched by: Playlists Artists Albums Song Titles Genres Folder View To search for tracks: 1. Turn the MENU/SELECT knob. Select Search.

Select: Playlists, Artists, Albums, Song Titles, Genres, or Folder View. Select the track. CD/DVD Player The CD/DVD player can play CDs, DVD As, MP3/WMA CDs. • 6-22 Infotainment System MEM/DVD/AUX: Press to choose between the MEM, CD/DVD, and AUX.

SEEK/ SEEK: Press to select tracks or to fast forward or rewind within a track. INFO: Press to display additional information about the disc that may be available. • Playing an MP3 CD or DVD Files that are not stored in folders are displayed in the root directory (disc). The search rate increases if the MENU/SELECT knob is continuously turned while searching in a list. Selecting an MP3 Track Using the control buttons: Press SEEK. • 6-24 Infotainment System Playing a DVD V information about how to control a Video DVD using the wireless remote control. Selecting a Chapter Using the control buttons: Press SEEK or SEEK to select the previous or next chapter.

Turn the TUNE knob. Using DVD Menu: 1. • Mass Storage Media (MEM) Infotainment systems with MEM storage are able to record up to 1.1 GB (gigabyte) of music from Audio CDs, MP3/WMA/AAC discs, and USB storage devices. The MEM player can also time shift audio from AM, FM, and XM radio. • 6-26 Infotainment System Stopping the Recording Press the REC button while recording from an audio CD to display the stop recording option. Select Stop Recording Song to MEM.

Renaming Recorded Discs Discs that have been recorded to MEM can be renamed. • Playing From MEM Playing Back a Previously Recorded CD Turn the TUNE knob to select a track if MEM is already playing from the previously recorded disc.

Select Recorded Disc List. Select the disc. Select the track.

Searching For a Track Tracks can be searched for by: Playlists. • 6-28 Infotainment System Saving MEM Tracks as Favorites Favorites can be saved by pressing and holding one of the 1 to 6 buttons.

Favorites can be stored according to the following list: Playlist: Adds currently playing track to the playlist selected. Townsend Skinner 500 Manual. Artist: Saves the artist associated with the currently playing track in the indicated favorites position. • 3.5 mm Auxiliary Input Jack Connect a 3.5 mm (1/8 in) cable to the 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack to use a portable audio player. Playback of an audio device that is connected to the 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack can only be controlled using the controls on the device.

• 6-30 Infotainment System On: Repeats the current track. Off: Playback starts from the beginning of the current track after the last track finishes.

Connecting and Controlling a PlaysForSure Device (PFD) or Zune Connecting a PFD or Zune Connect the PFD or Zune to the USB port. • Tracks can be searched for by: Playlists* Artists Albums Song Titles Genres Folder View *This only displays if a playlist is found on the device. To search for tracks: 1.