Airbus 380 Maintenance Manual

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Airbus 380 Maintenance Manual

Airbus has been working with planning teams from 50 major airports in five continents to ensure smooth handling of the A380 when it enters service in 2006 and the Airplane Characteristics manual is a major support for this. Aircraft characteristics - airport and maintenance planning highlights. The mfp and ac manuals. Part effectivity. Airbus s.a.s.

Airbus 380 Maintenance Manual

Airbus A380 Manual Designed to challenge Boeing's monopoly in the large aircraft market, the A380 super-jumbo made its first flight in 2005, entering commercial service two years later. So popular is the jet that every four minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, an A380 is taking off or landing somewhere in the world. There is no other development in recent aviation history to rival this remarkable aircraft.

Robert Wicks looks at the A380’s design and construction, its high-tech cockpit and innovative cabin design, the remarkable engineering behind its 22-wheel undercarriage, and the complex nature of the A380’s operation. Author: Robert Wicks is the author of the Haynes Heathrow Airport Operations Manual and four books for Haynes in the 'Adventure Motorcycling' series.

A self-confessed aviation enthusiast, Robert initially moved to the UK from South Africa in 1987 to join the Army Air Corps. He is a qualified paragliding pilot and has taken the first steps towards gaining his Private Pilot’s Licence. He lives in Berkshire.

Airbus 380 Maintenance ManualAirbus 380 Maintenance ManualAirbus 380 Maintenance Manual

Extensive fatigue testing of the Airbus A380 widebody airliner has demonstrated what the European airframer says is 'remarkably slow' crack propagation, such that there is 'no need to inspect [airframe structures] for fatigue damage' during normal aircraft life, says the manufacturer. Nevertheless, with 'lead' aircraft approaching ten years of operation since service-entry in October 2007, Airbus has optimized other maintenance schedules for the very-large aircraft (VLA).

As of May, the manufacturer was midway through introducing extended inspection intervals. Heavy-maintenance C checks are expected to be required less frequently from around the end of 2017, 12 months after a similar adjustment was made to light-maintenance A check requirements.

According to Airbus, the A380 has enjoyed continuous improvements in technical despatch reliability, which is a measure of aircraft-related departure delays (of 15 minutes or less). Operational reliability for heavier, 575,000 kg (1,265,000 pounds) maximum take-off weight models delivered since mid-2013 is given as 'above 99 percent.' The manufacturer also has been considering requirements for the first 12-year airframe structural checks that will fall due in 2019. It said that testing has identified a few fatigue items, for which it will confirm relevant inspections. Airbus now is working on future modifications that will cancel the inspections, and wants to introduce the improvements before the first A380 12-year heavy-maintenance check. The manufacturer will continue sampling A380 landing gears in order to confirm its target for first undercarriage overhauls to be performed after 12 years' operation.

Several A380 operators worked with Airbus in helping the manufacturer to define oper­ational availability (OA), an indicator of aircraft accessibility free from maintenance or other technical constraints. 'To improve OA and maintenance costs, [we] launched a project to optimize scheduled maintenance program intervals,' indicated Airbus cabin-customization managers, who say that access to operators' actual data gathered over six months in 2015 was a key element in the exercise. Minimum requirements for scheduled maintenance of certificated aircraft (or derivatives thereof), established under the air transport industry's maintenance review board (MRB) Report procedure, define task intervals by flight-hours (FH), flight cycles (FC), or calendar age. 2015 Suzuki Dirt Bike 250 Rm Manual here.