Carrier Refrigeration 30s Manual

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Carrier Refrigeration 30s Manual

• Container Refrigeration Unit Data Retrieval Micro-Link and Micro-Link 2/2i DataCORDER 62- -02575- -07. • MICRO-LINK and MICRO-LINK 2/2i DataCORDER Carrier Refrigeration Operations, A member of the United Technologies Corporation family. Stock symbol UTX. Carrier Transicold, Carrier Corporation, P.O. Box 4805, Syracuse, N.Y.


Carrier Refrigeration 30s Manual

Installation & Commissioning Manual: Neos 100S, 20X, 30S, 35X, 40X, 50X 62-11165 Rev D ® 1 INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING MANUAL for.

• PARAGRAPH NUMBER TOPIC 11 CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION Fixed Configuration Variables Custom Controller Configuration TOPIC 12 RECORDER UTILITIES Trip Functions.. • FIGURE NUMBER Figure 1-1. Micro-Link 2 Controller and DataCORDER Figure 1-2.

Micro-Link 2i Controller/DataCORDER Figure 1-3. Micro-Link 1 Controller Figure 2-1. Communication Cable Connections Figure 2-2. Parallel Printer Cable Connections Figure 2-3.

Serial Printer Cable Connections Figure 4-1. Hand Held DataReader Figure 4-2.

• 1.1 HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE This manual contains information on the Carrier Transicold DataView Program and its interface with the DataCORDER. The DataView program is used to retrieve data stored in the DataCORDER. Data retrieval can be accomplished with one of the following devices: 1. • 1.2.1 Micro-Link 2 Controller/DataCORDER The Carrier Transicold Micro-Link 2 Controller (see Figure 1-1) is a custom-designed, microprocessor-based control system which is fitted with a separate DataCORDER module. The DataCORDER consists of: 1.

Microprocessor 2. Program memory 3. Data memory 4. Real time clock (RTC) 5. • 1.2.2 Micro-Link 2i Controller/DataCORDER The Micro-Link 2i Controller is an integrated Controller and DataCORDER assembly, but is otherwise identical to the Micro-Link 2 Controller.

Scroll compressor units are also fitted with a controller Expansion Module located next to the Controller/DataCORDER. CONTROLLER/DataCORDER EXPANSION MODULE (Scroll Compressor Units Only) • 1.2.3 Micro-Link 1 Controller/DataCORDER The Carrier Transicold Micro-Link 1 Controller (see Figure 1-3) predates the Micro-Link 2 Controller. Micro-Link 1 units with the DataCORDER option are equipped with a DataCORDER that is an integral part of the Controller. Interrogation of Micro-Link 1 and Micro-Link 2 Controllers will have some differences.

2015 V6 Toyota Estima Service Manual. • 1.2.4 DataCORDER Capabilities (Micro-Link 2 and Micro-Link 2i only) The Carrier DataCORDER is a flexible recording device with the following capabilities: a. Sensors Up to six thermistor temperature probes can be connected directly to the DataCORDER.

These probes are referred to as: 1. • 1.3 DataCORDER INTERFACE The DataCORDER is capable of performing the following functions initiated by the DataView Program 1.3.1 Data Extraction a. Daily Header Data Recorded days are presented in the following format: 1. Day 1 date (month, day, year), sensor data, events. Temperature Controller Events - - Continued Event When Event Occurs Any time trip start is en- Trip Start (TS) tered When entered with USDA Trip Comment interrogation device Any time a Pre-Trip test is completed and Controller Pre-Trip Data is configured to send indi- vidual test data Economy Mode Start.

• Event When Event Occurs Restoration of AC power Power ON (ON) with no battery pack pres- Extraction of data from Data Retrieval the DataCORDER User modifies the real Real Time Clock Change time clock (RTC) Real Time Clock (RTC) RTC Battery Replaced battery internal to Data- CORDER is replaced DataCORDER attempted. • Table 1-5 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Events Recorded in the DataCORDER - - Continued Event When Event Occurs Whenever O Air Calibration ibration is completed Whenever O Gas Calibration ibration is completed Whenever CO Zero Calibration ibration is completed Whenever the Tempera- Lockout Start ture Controller initiates a lockout of CA operation. • 1.4 USDA RECORDING A special type of recording is provided for USDA cold treatment purposes.

Cold treatment recording requires that three remote temperature probes are placed in the cargo at various locations. Provision is made to connect these probes to the DataCORDER via receptacles located at the rear left-hand side of the unit. Four (five, on some units) receptacles are provided. • 2.1 HARDWARE PLATFORMS SUPPORTED The DataView Software will run on a variety of DOS based machines. We recommend the use of a desktop or laptop machine with at least 3MB free disk space and a VGA monitor for displaying graphics, for most printing and report generation functions. • 2.3 PRINTER SUPPORT Formatted reports can be generated on the following printers: 1. EPSON 85 dot matrix or compatible (most dot matrix printers will support this format) 2.

HP LaserJet or equivalent (Many laser printers will support this format). For printers that are not compatible with the above printers, select the FILE printer port option in printer setup. This will send the report to an ASCII print file.

• DATAVIEW PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONS The following is a copy of the software program at time of printing. If loading only one program (12- -00413 reciprocating unit interrogation or 12- -00528 scroll unit interrogation program) the pro- gram disc instructions may be followed as written. 2015 Honda Vt1100c2 Shadow Spirit Manual.