Tamd 122a Workshop Manual

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• Workshop Manual Engine repair 2(0) MD22, TMD22, TAMD22. • Engine repair Marine Engines MD22 • TMD22 • TAMD22 Contents General Information Crankshaft assembly Safety Information.3 General..43 General Information. 6 Repair Instructions Repair instructions.7 Crankshaft pulley, replacement (14A-01). 44 Special tools..10 Front sealing ring, replacement (14A-02).

• Engine settings Flywheel, flywheel cover General..71 General.. 112 Repair Instructions Repair Instructions Setting the 1 piston at top dead center of Flywheel, replacement (21A-01). Videojet 43s Manual. 112 compression stroke (17A-01).72 Ring gear, replacement (21A-02). 112 Valve timings, checking and adjustment Flywheel cover, replacement (21A-03). • Introduction This Workshop Manual contains descriptions and turned off immediately prior to starting work repair instructions for Volvo Penta products or prod- on it. Reinstall all protective parts removed during service operations before starting the uct versions contained in the contents list. Ensure engine. • General instructions Always use protective goggles where there is Store oil and fuel-soaked rags and fuel and oil a danger of pieces of metal, sparks from filters safely.

Engine Cylinder Head: A: AD31L-A, TAMD31L-A, TAMD31M-A, TMD31L-A: Cylinder Head: B: AD31P-A, TAMD31P-A: Cylinder Head: C. Volvo Penta Owners We have over 2500 manuals for marine, industrial engines and transmissions, service. TAMD 102-122A-D-P: OPERATION MANUAL: PDF: 1.17: 35.00. Instruction manuals and workshop tools volvo penta tamd 122a repair manual you. Of volvo penta installation instruction manuals and workshop tools volvo penta tamd.

Haynes Workshop Manual

In certain conditions, oil-soaked grinding, acid or other chemicals being thrown rags can spontaneously ignite. Replaced fuel into your eyes. • (gasoline engines) and fuel system on Use an adjustable lifting beam or lifting beam Volvo Penta products are designed and con- specifically for the engine to raise the engine structed to minimize the risk of fire and explo- to ensure safe handling and to avoid damaging sion. • This Workshop Manual has been developed primari- proved by Volvo Penta.

Ly for Volvo Penta service workshops and qualified personnel. Personnel using this book are assumed • No modifications to the exhaust pipes and air. • Take special care when working on-board, that oil All procedures for which there are Volvo Penta spe- and waste is taken for destruction and is not acci- cial tools in this Workshop Manual are carried out dentally pumped into the environment with bilge wa- using these.

• In this Volvo Penta Service Manual the user will find ommended angle is added according to the protrac- that each section where these agents are applied in tor scale. • General instructions • Always used chloroprene rubber gloves (gloves Safety precautions for Fluorine for handling chemicals) and protective goggles. Rubber • Treat removed seals in the same way as corro- sive acid.

All remains, even the ash can be ex- Fluorine rubber is a common material in sealing tremely corrosive. • Special tools Special tools In all cases where it is practical the tool number, except for the final digit, has been stamped on the tool, The final digit (after the hyphen) is a control number. 884 955 8858 018 885 019 885 021 885 020 885 022. • Special tools 885 032 885 033 885 034 885 035 885 036 885 037 885 038 885 041 885 139 885032-3 Protective socket for front stuffing box, 885036-4 Belt tension gauge for timing belt. 885037-2 Adjustment drifts for the camshaft and 885033-1 Installation tool for front stuffing box, crankshaft. • General information Identifying numbers Your engine and transmission has identification plates with identification numbers.

This information should al- ways be quoted when ordering replacement parts. The appearance and location of identification plates is shown below. The figures in brackets refer to the location of the identification numbers on the identification plate. • General information Engine presentation 1.

Coolant filler 2. Heat exchanger 3.

Pipe for oil scavenging pump 4. Oil filter 5. Starter motor 6. Injection pump 8.

Fuel feed pump 9. Dipstick (engine) 10. Oil filler cap (engine) 11.

Fuel filter 12. • General information 12 13 14 15 18, 19 MD22P/MS25 12 13 14 15 TMD22/MS2 12 13 14 15 18, 19 TMD22P/HS25. • General information 12 13 14 15 TAMD22P/SX 1. Turbo (TMD, TAMD) 2. Coolant filler 3. Heat exchanger 4. Oil cooler 5.

Pipe for oil scavenging pump 6. Charge air cooler (CAC) (TAMD) 7. Oil filter 8. Starter motor 9.

Generator 10. • Cylinder head Cylinder head General The carbon deposits in a diesel engine are small the valve lifters and the top of the valves so that ad- and therefore the number of operational hours do justment is possible. Not give an indication of when it is time to recondi- The cylinder head has two valves per cylinder. • Cylinder head Repair Instructions Remove the engine lifting brackets.

If nothing is Camshaft cover, replacement driven from the rear end of the camshaft, remove (12A-01) the rear cover and install the camshaft lock 885025 (B1). This ensures that the camshaft does not tilt Special tools: 885025 when the camshaft cover is removed. • Cylinder head Valve clearance, check (12A-02) Special tools: 885025, 885024 Check that the groove in the camshaft cover and the mating surfaces on the cylinder head and cover are clean. Apply a 2mm bead of silicon in the outer groove of the cover, but leave the inner groove empty as illustrated in illustration (C). • Cylinder head Install the camshaft mountings 885024 (A1) to hold Valve clearance, adjustment the camshaft and mount the mountings with the rel- (12A–03) evant mounting screws for the cover. It is vital to move the rear camshaft stuffing box on the cam- Special tools: 885024, 885025, 885037 shaft to secure sufficient clearance between the rear mounting and the stuffing box.

• Cylinder head Install the new front and rear stuffing box on the camshaft, operations 12A-04 and 12A-05. Install the camshaft pulley and the timing belt, see section 15. Remove the locking drifts from the fuel injection pump pulley and adjust the belt tension, operation 15A-03. • Cylinder head Front sealing ring, replacement (12A-04) Special tools: 885026, 885018, 885037 Disconnect the battery Remove the screw from the adjustment hole on the top of the front end of the camshaft cover (12A.03/ A4). Turn the crankshaft until the adjustment hole in the front of the camshaft front bearing journal corre- sponds with the hole in the cover. • Cylinder head Rear sealing ring, replacement (12A-05) Special tools: 885019, 885020, 885038 Remove the seawater pump and the drive housing and remove the drive adapter from the camshaft end, see section 20. Ensure that the stuffing box and the camshaft are clean and undamaged.

• Cylinder head Camshaft, replacement Check the camshaft for wear and damage and re- (12A-06) place it if required. Special tools: 885037 Ensure that the camshaft is clean and lubricated Disconnect the battery with fresh engine oil. Install the camshaft in position and check the valve clearance if necessary, see operation 12A-02. • Cylinder head Cylinder head assembly, Check the fuel injection pump adjustment, opera- replacement (12A-07) tions 17A-03.