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Yanmar Ym2018 ManualYanmar Tractor Service ManualYanmar Ym2018 Manual

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• 3YM20/3YM30 MARINE DIESEL ENGINE MODEL:2YM15/3YM20/3YM30 OPERATION MANUAL The 2YM15/3YM20/3YM30 is an EPA Certified Engine Kaeser Csd Compressor Manual. . It meets the low emission standards set by the EPA. California Proposition 65 Warning California Proposition 65 Warning Diesel engine exhaust and some of its Battery posts, terminals, and related. • INTRODUCTION..

MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION.36 4.1 General Inspection Rules.36 4. Zoomer Service Manual. 2 List of Periodic Inspection Items.37 1. FOR YOUR SAFETY.

4 4.3 Periodic Inspection Items.39 1.1 Warning Symbols.4 4.3.1 Inspection on Initial 50 Hrs. Of 1.2 Safety Precautions. • Make sure this manual is transferred to subsequent owners.

It should be considered as a permanent part of the engine and remain so. Constant efforts are made to improve the quality and performance of Yanmar products, so some details included in this Operation Manual may differ slightly from your engine.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your Yanmar dealer or distributor. FOR YOUR SAFETY 1.

FOR YOUR SAFETY 1.1 Warning Symbols Be sure to read this operation manual carefully before operating the engine and Most operation, maintenance and inspec- observe all of the instructions and precau- tion problems arise due to users' failure to tions described in this manual. FOR YOUR SAFETY 1.2 Safety Precautions (Observe these instructions for your own safety!) Precautions for Operation Filler Cap of Coolant Tank DANGER Never open the cap of the coolant tank while the engine is still hot. Steam and hot water may spurt out and burn you seriously. Wait until the temperature of the coolant tank has dropped, wrap a cloth around the filler cap, loosen the cap very carefully and slowly to remove the system pressure before removing the cap. FOR YOUR SAFETY Moving Parts WARNING Do not touch or let your clothing get caught in the moving parts of the engine, such as the front drive shaft, V-belt or propeller shaft, during en- gine operation. You will be injured.

Never operate the engine without covers on the moving parts. FOR YOUR SAFETY Scalds CAUTION When extracting oil from the engine while it is still hot, don't let the oil splash on you. Wait until the temperature has dropped before extracting cooling water from the engine. Don't let it splash on you. Forbidden Modifications.

FOR YOUR SAFETY 1.3 Warning Labels DANGER Safety Precautions for Inspection WARNING To insure safe operation, warning device labels have been attached. Their location is shown below and they should always be visible. Please replace if damaged or lost. Product Safety Labels Part Code No. PRODUCT EXPLANATION 2. PRODUCT EXPLANATION 2.1 Use, Propulsion System, Etc.

The laws of some countries may require hull and engine inspections, depending on The engine is equipped with a marine gear the use, size and cruising area of the boat. Or a sail drive unit. • MODEL Model GEAR RATIO Gear Model Continuous power OIL QTY. Speed of prop. Shaft KANZAKI Fuel stop power kW OSAKA JAPAN ENG.No. YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE YANMAR CO., LTD.